Who knew that a whirlwind of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII rumor activity was going to kick up at the end of the week really for no good reason other than it did? Nobody saw the flood of rumor talk and speculation and scoop-dropping for the latest episode in the STAR WARS Saga coming, with some small site no one had ever heard of before casting the first stone — legitimate images of new Stormtroopers helmets from the next film. It got the excitement pumping. The enthusiasm was kicking up into full gear. STAR WARS: EPISODE VII was on everyone’s minds, and then, over the next few hours, it seemed to dominate the conversation with new rumor after new rumor after new rumors piled on top of one another, and fandom was reaching a fever pitch over this wealth of information that was suddenly coming their way.

Well, I hate to be Debbie Downer… or the bearer of bad news… or the party pooper… or the one to rain on your parade…


It was really all for naught, as just about everything you’ve heard, seen, read or been told today… well, it’s not true.

Now, typically I wouldn’t go out of my way to debunk this sort of info, because rumors are rumors¬†—¬†filled with uncertain truth. It might be true. It might not. The problem is that, after checking with my well-placed STAR WARS sources and running more than normal by them on this particular day, it was pretty clear that the “might be true” part wasn’t really a part of the equation here when it came to everything that was coming out. Therefore, to clear up any confusion, and to try stamping out the circulation of bad information that can only lead to high fan expectations and ultimately disappointment down the road, I felt it prudent to fill you in on the misinformation you’ve been sold.

There are a couple of SPOILERS up ahead, so proceed with caution if you want to stay fresh, because a few things may pop up that you don’t want to know about at this current time.

Let’s start with the Stormtrooper helmets. Those are absolutely 100% the real deal. That’s what a few variations of them will look like, and so you shouldn’t be surprised when the EPISODE VII Troopers have a bit of a different appearance when they start marching, come December 2015.

Han Solo’s appearance? This one is a bit iffy, and I’ll explain to you why in just a bit. However, this one isn’t a deal breaker one way or the other, because all these images showed was some concept art showing what exactly an older Harrison Ford would be wearing at different points in the film. Costume changes are costume changes, but after some later information was clarified for me, I’m leaning toward believing that these could be his duds or they could not be.

Next came all sorts of word from Dave Gonzales over at Latino Review¬†regarding STAR WARS: EPISODE VII’s villains. Now, as confirmed here earlier, the main antagonist of the next film will be played by Adam Driver, and early on in the movie, there will be a pretty extensive chase sequence that will introduce him and set in motion the film’s driving plot. While my sources have been a little nervous about giving up information about who specifically he’d be playing (that’s how tightly those details are guarded on Abrams’ set), time and time again it has been stressed to me that he will NOT be an Inquisitor, as some rumors would have you believe, and, furthermore, I have been told there are NO Inquisitors in the film at all. No one on set has used the term “Inquisitors,” and whatever evil forces are at play in this galaxy far, far away, they will be called something else, but definitely not Inquisitors.


Stemming from that, there is also an image making the rounds late, which is claimed to be this Inquisitor character, which once again isn’t an Inquisitor. It is a very cyborg-looking bad guy with mechanical parts and robotic upgrades. My intel coming in is that this main villain character does not look like this one bit. At one point, it was an idea being tossed around, and this depiction is early concept art as to what the character’s appearance could be. However, that was scrapped for something very different. This new character design also debunk’s Badass Digest’s claims that J.J. Abrams’ tweet of a robotic arm belongs to this villain. It does not. In talking over details over the character, which have been hard to come by, it was stressed to me that one of the things I could be told safely was that he is NOT robotic in nature at all.


With that said, the Han Solo concept art seems to originate from the same art department, so his outfits may have been something drafted up early in the process. Maybe they kept them, maybe they didn’t. It isn’t exactly a big deal what clothes he wears from one scene to the next, but with the villain look changing it also means what Han’s threads are may also be different.

As for the casting of Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, she will in fact have a part in the movie. It will in fact NOT be a younger Princess Leia. Flashbacks will be a decent part of relaying information in EPISODE VII, but they won’t involve Lourd as Leia.

What they might contain though is the appearance of Darth Vader. I’ve been sitting on this information for awhile as it has been tough to confirm, but my understanding from multiple sources is that Vader will be in the film in some capacity, in either a flashback or a vision, but I haven’t been able to narrow it down as to his exact function.

Hmmm… Is there anything else? Oh, yeah… Oscar Isaac’s character definitely does NOT have the Millennium Falcon in his possession, at least not at the outset of EPISODE VII. He may wind up piloting it later, but it’s not his ship as we pick things up after the opening crawl.

That about sums it all up. There are some nuggets you can tuck away if you really want STAR WARS spoilers in your mind for later, but most of what has been going around as of late has been anything but. Be careful out there, young Padawan, and may the Force be with you. You’re going to need it as you try wading through all the untruths that are sure to come your way over the next year and change.