This week’s episode is sort of a “part two” to our Chris Reeve/ Superman franchise show. This time we focus on the reboots, pseudo-sequels or redux if you prefer. We discuss SUPERMAN RETURNS and MAN OF STEEL (and give a quick nod to SUPERGIRL… You know, because the less said about that, the better). And what better place to conduct this conversation than at Carmine Street Comics, located in Manhattan’s historic West Village.

Mike makes his official return to the show. His long, cryogenic sleep has mellowed his bullish demeanor a bit, but he still hankers for female nudity… whereas Jeff seems to have an issue with Amy Adams’ hands. Because… I… uh… just watch.

7 Responses

  1. Ryan Tucker

    I can see both sides of the arguments made about these 2 forays into the Superman Universe. However I think MOS is the better film.

  2. Cold Drake

    Didn’t like the 9/11 imagery in the end of Man of Steel, but overall it’s still a huge step up from Superman Returns.

  3. theaaronbennett

    Say what you like about Supergirl, Helen Slater was damn HAWT in that costume.

  4. Mike Jakermen

    The difference with the Death of Superman. Is that Superman did everything to contain the fight. He tried to keep the fight away from metropolis and when he got to metropolis there was not building falling all over the place. Frankly Man of Crap was not any better then Returns.

  5. Manely

    Man Of Steel is a commercial success but not brilliant film. The best ever is the first one. Man Of Steel is weak to very bad; no love interest, no music theme, over the top and boring. By the way; the end scene sucks…superman should be there for the whole planet not just for the US and it’s general… ( see previous scenes where Kripton’s general directs him self to all nations …?!) congrats with the revenue/cash but you finished the Superman legacy, hopefully in 10 years a better story teller rises to improve the Superman saga…in the cinema’s….


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