Welcome to our latest episode of THE CINEFILES. This time we get a bit self reflexive and discuss the touchy subject over how bias exists within fandom and within ourselves. In other words, do you refuse to see a movie based on the actor or director involved? Are you adverse to the casting choices that change the race or gender of a beloved subject? Or how about the opposite: do you find yourself overly optimistic when it comes an adaption, actor or director near and dear to your heart? We’re putting ourselves under the microscope here while acknowledging some hypocrisy on our parts as well.

We all contain a certain amount of bias when it comes to film appreciation whether you are a film snob, a mainstream film snob or refuse to watch anything made before 1972. While we do touch on more recent examples (responses to the news regarding GHOSTBUSTERS and THE FANTASTIC FOUR for example), we also try to examine both sides of the argument. In any case, hopefully you’ll think this is an interesting discussion. And I look forward to hearing your own thoughts on the subject.

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