After a failed attempt at discussing the IRON MAN films over beer & ribs on Edwin’s swanky roof deck, the CineFiles move inside to ruminate over IRON MAN I, II and the recently released IRON MAN 3. (Or is it Iron Man THREE?). The comparison between Jon Favreau and Shane Black’s work is sure to come up, as is they’re lamentation over the lack of strong villains. They enjoy the creature comforts of Eddie’s “man cave” seats, as they fire up their Arc Reactors to get into Marvel’s IRON MAN franchise.

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  1. Ryan Tucker

    So that was the infamous rain storm. Well hey, at least you tried. Anyway…i was not expecting another video this fast. Great work!! So many people complained that there was not enough “Iron Man” in Iron Man 3. I actually preferred Tony being out of the suit. The second act of this film was terrific. I thought the best sequence was the free fall/skydive scene. That was about as well shot as any action sequence ever put to film. Also Trevor, the beer guzzling, drug addict stage actor was not only a great twist….but it was hilarious. My only minor complaint about the film was during the final showdown on the oil tanker…… There was too much going on….i could barely keep up with the action. That being said…..I hope we can start seeing more good roles for Guy Pearce….and obviously more solid directing gigs for Shane Black.

  2. Serdar (GenjiPress)

    “Iron Man [1]” was splendid stuff, and broke ground by giving us a different flavor of superhero personality.

    “Iron Man 2” – the less said about that, the better. Rushed, noisy, unfunny, murky.

    “Iron Man 3” – there are so many *individual* good things about the film, I’m still puzzled why they don’t collectively add up to something better. I liked it, but at the same time I felt like the whole thing needed one more draft. The business of Stark’s PTSD was handled very awkwardly — it was mostly there to give the kid something to react to, not as something for Stark to conquer — and the villain was “comic book” in the wrong way.

    • EJCohen

      One thing I wished I mentioned was how Rebecca Hall’s talents were kinda’ wasted in IRON MAN 3 (or is it “THREE?!”). But, hindsight’s blah-blah-blah and all that.

  3. Cold Drake

    Iron Man 3 was trying too hard to be clever, though it was enjoyable. It seemed like the filmmakers were embarrassed by the source material


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