During my tenure as co-host of The CineFiles I am often asked “When, oh when will you guys discuss the Superman movies?” Usually this is communicated in a text delivered via ALL CAPS. My initial response has always been “STOP YELLING AT ME!!” followed by “Give it time, dear friend. You’ll be rewarded soon enough.”

But we are not one to look a gift horse in the mouth… no, sir, because if ye shall ask then ye shall most certainly receive. Hot off the heels of the newly released MAN OF STEEL, Edwin, Jeff and I discuss the Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN franchise. Not SUPERMAN RETURNS nor Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL. Just SUPERMAN, SUPERMAN II and III and that blight on humanity that is fecal matter to fecal matter QUEST FOR PEACE (SUPERMAN IV).

We do this for you. And we accept your gratitude.

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  1. AndreĀ“ Joseph

    Superman III killed the franchise. Superman IV was the funeral.

  2. TrekBeatTK

    Jeff’s right, by the way. Phone booth guy IS in Superman II.

    • TrekBeatTK

      Probably doing a frame-by-frame analysis of the new Hobbit trailer. Kidding! Something tells me the guys have found three-man discussions are less unwieldy than four. Plus, remember Mike’s got a kid to take care of.

    • EJCohen

      Foltz will be back. He’s got a Mission in Burma or something like that.

  3. Ramon Al-Amin

    It’s still hard for me to forgive WB for Superman III. And Superman IV? I think someone at WB was trying to bury Superman once and for all. And it worked for awhile.


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