This week Jeff, Edwin and I trip down memory lane to discuss the flicks that made us the CineFiles (or is it cinephiles?) we are today. This one’s rife with nostalgia, folks. Whether it be about Edwin going to see THE TERMINATOR at the age of eight, or Jeff watching DRUGSTORE COWBOY on a double bill with THE MIGHTY DUCKS, hopefully this will touch that former child in all of you. Perhaps even provoke a tiny trickle of a tear down your cheek. Or recall angrily at that R rated screening you were too young to attend.

What are some of your own memories as to the films that turned you into a fan or even a student of all things cinema? As for me… I’m still trying to remember the punchline to a joke mentioned in my childhood fave SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS, “What’s soft and round and you put it on a stick and you toast it in a fire, and it’s green?” But my head hurts too much right now.

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Eric Cohen has been actively involved in the NYC Theater, Video Production and Film making scene since before there was plastic. He's a co-host and producer of THE CINEFILES. He enjoys red meat and Old Fashioneds. And he likes to throw sh-- at screens.

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  1. Ryan Tucker

    I really enjoyed this episode and hearing about the films that took you from casual film fan to cinefiles. I cant name any one film that made me a cinefile…..but I do have an interesting little story. When I was a kid growing up in an East Texas town with a population of 20,000 we had a small movie theater that had 3 screens……I would go to this movie house so much that by age 10 or 11 the owner would just let me come in on Saturdays and watch whatever I wanted for free and see anything I wanted no matter the MPAA Rating. I would usually just go early in the day and watch all 3 films….and sometimes multiple viewings. It got to a point that the owner would let me pick the films that would come to town because he said that I could foresee what would be popular. My dad always thought it was odd. But I just loved to be in the cinema with the red velvet curtains and the sound of the projector running. Then during the week especially during the summer I would beg my parents to take me to the local Movie Rental so that I could just load up on films. I would watch Classics, Foreign, Documentaries…..My life at that time completely revolved around movies. I think that is when I went from casual film goer to cinefile. Needless to say my parents were probably ready to send me to the nut house.

  2. MMHR

    Cool Show but … What? No Coen Brothers films? No Jaws or Flash Gordon? No Das Boot or The Tim Drum? No Towering Inferno or Poseidon Adventure? King Kong or Lost Horizon? You all made great choices but don’t neglect the classics.

    • EJCohen

      Hey, for a lot of people, the films that turned us into film geeks may not have been “classics.” It comes down to generation, taste, what we were exposed to at a given time, etc. For some it might have been a Three Stooges short film. Others, Lawrence of Arabia.

  3. CaptDan

    BBC 2 (in the UK) used to run late night films – I can’t even remember when/what times days now – when I was a kid, maybe 12, 13 – mid nineties, even earlier, and they were my education. They used to have things like Scanners, The Terminator, Escape From New York, The Man Who Fell to Earth – so much good stuff. I really think we suffer nowadays with over democratization of choice; there needs to be better curation of what gets shown, so that people are exposed to better films. Not a popular opinion perhaps, but we’re getting further and further away from the golden age of movies, in the Seventies, and every time it looks like it might come back, it just falters again…


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