As the CineFiles unleash Episode #10 on you, they give their thoughts on BIG EYES, CHINATOWN, EX MACHINA, FACE/OFF, THE WOLFPACK, JACKRABBIT and the web series DOUBLE FINE ADVENTURE. In addition, a few revisit A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT and GAME OVER: THE ATARI STORY. In terms of news, they discuss the latest BATMAN V SUPERMAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, JURASSIC WORLD and TOMORROWLAND trailers. And finally… they talk about those films that are (shall we say) ethically challenged – historically significant movies that, while they are impressive from a technical standpoint, leave a bad moral taste in your mouth. Titles like BIRTH OF A NATION and TRIUMPH OF THE WILL come up in the conversation, to give you a couple examples. They also focus on the moral fine line of appreciating the work of a personality who has otherwise displayed abhorrent behavior in real life (Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, etc).

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