In Episode 21 of The CineFiles Podcast, the gang discusses the effect internet entertainment has had on our ability to view media. They also delve into the the storytelling potential of digital media. In addition, they talk CUTTER’S WAY, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION, CASTED BY, the Anita Hill documentary ANITA, THE SKELETON TWINS, the Netflix series WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, Jeff’s take on THE WOLFPACK, Andre’s feelings on ARMY OF DARKNESS, EX MACHINA and GOING CLEAR and plenty more. Plus, Eric describes his experience attending the Blackmagic Design Convention and tells you about all the wonderful toys.

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Famously fired via Facebook, Billy Donnelly ("The Infamous Billy The Kidd") has insisted on staying true to his honest opinions (like Greedo shooting first being BS) in order to build a true geek community that serves its readership with credible commentary.

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