It’s Episode 27 of The CineFiles Podcast and…. it’s Halloween time, which means BOO! Did we get you? Are you scared?

Anyway, this week, the gang discusses the Cannon Films documentary ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, the short film PUMPKIN PIE, the oldie-but-goodie THE INVISIBLE RAY, FORT TILDEN, POLTERGEIST, THE TURBO KID, THE VISIT, THE FINAL GIRLS, THE GIFT, MOCKINGBIRD, SABOTAGE, CRIMSON PEAK and Eric’s take on THE NIGHTMARE.

They also have some thoughts on the latest news coming out of the Hollywood buzz mill and — BOO! Did we get you that time?

The second half of the show focuses on that enduring subgenre of horror – zombie flicks. Whether you like your undead to be French, Italian, British, funny or scary (or both), the fellas examine what is it about the living dead that compels us to keep going back again and again.

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