As the entire gang shows up to record Episode 5 of The CineFiles Podcast, they review some films they’ve recently seen. Eric gives his two cents on MACHETE KILLS, the ROBOCOP remake and the ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU documentary LOST SOUL. Andre has finally seen Michael Apted’s UP series and offers his thoughts on that, and Jeff talks about his experience recently familiarizing himself with the James Bond films. Also, they discuss the latest news (like, does GHOSTBUSTERS really need any universe building?) and spend the rest of the episode discussing the quality of today’s television dramas and comedies. Let’s just say they’re pretty impressed.

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Famously fired via Facebook, Billy Donnelly ("The Infamous Billy The Kidd") has insisted on staying true to his honest opinions (like Greedo shooting first being BS) in order to build a true geek community that serves its readership with credible commentary.

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