In Episode 6 of The CineFiles Podcast, Jeff, Andre and Eric give their thoughts on the Garden State Film Festival, the latest buzzed about horror flick IT FOLLOWS, the classic ROMAN HOLIDAY and the action packed KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. Jeff continues to give his thoughts on the James Bond series as he soldiers through each entry for the first time. And, of course, they discuss the latest movie news (the MALLRATS sequel, the Steven Spielberg directed READY PLAYER ONE, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt produced FRAGGLE ROCK movie, etc). During the second half of the show, the fellas give their two cents on what they consider to be the best eras in film. And there’s not too much debate here, folks. They’re pretty much all in agreement: the 1970s. But to make things interesting, Eric attempts to make an argument for the 1950s. How does that go? Listen to find out.

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