A lot is on the table for discussion in Episode 9 of The CineFiles Podcast. Andre, Jeff and Eric offer their takes on the new Netflix series DAREDEVIL, the films A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, A STAR IS BORN, Chris Rock’s TOP FIVE, the wrestling documentary THE SHEIK, MY FAIR LADY and Cindy Crawford nakedness in FAIR GAME. Then they tackle the news.

Now… This particular episode was recorded the day before Patty Jenkins was announced to replace Michelle MacLaren as director of the upcoming WONDER WOMAN. Not only that, but bask in the irony over how Jenkins name is never brought up among their list of possible replacements. Plus, a mention about Olivia Munn’s casting as Psylocke turns into an Aaron Sorkin rant (Munn’s connection to the HBO series THE NEWSROOM led us down this path). Finally, they discuss our favorite guilty pleasures both in film and television. You know, stuff like camcorder horror flicks, teenage comedies, bad reality shows and 90s action flicks – the kind of things the CineFiles really hate themselves for liking.

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