This week’s episode deals specifically with our favorite books about film, whether it focuses on Film Theory, Film Practice, Film Review or all around dirty gossip. And it made for a nice break from our usual, gimmicky shenanigans (shooting in black n’ white, cooking on rooftops, almost burning my apartment down). This show also marks our first in studio appearance since last fall. So it was great to be back “home” so-to-speak.

We actually mention a lot of titles so let’s just say we cover the gamut from EASY RIDERS RAGING BULLS to Danny Peary’s CULT MOVIES series through HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT and beyond. And if we fail to mention any of your faves, please feel free to recommend other titles in the comments below.

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    • Ray L

      You guys are great. Been watching a ton of your stuff on YouTube. I have two movies I ordered based on some of your reviews. One is “Phase IV” and the other “No Way to Treat a Lady”. A couple of ends of the spectrum.

      Keep up the great work.

  1. CareBoar

    The Filmmaker on Filmmaker series are very good, my two favourites being “Lynch on Lynch” and “Herzog on Herzog”. Although Lynch spends a little too much time on Twin Peaks, this is probably the most open David Lynch has been about his influences as a filmmaker and artist, and as usual he is funny and entertaning. And with Herzog he spends too LITTLE time on Woyzeck, but as always the enigma of this man is endlessly fascinating as he divulges not just into his own films but his own opinions on auteur theory, film academia and his ideas for a film school 🙂

  2. Andrew Round

    another great episode guys. really feel the show has been going from strength to strength of late.

  3. CMQ

    Broke record time but another great episode etc etc. Also you guys gotta read

    The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend which is fantastic and not just about the movie but goes into the entire backstory the movie is based on.

  4. TrekBeatTK

    Great show, and lots of great book choices. A few more I like:

    Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman

    The Celluloid Closet

    Star Trek Movie Memories by William Shatner

    The Disney Films by Leonard Maltin

    and for you exploitation fans, Re/Search #10: Incredibly Strange Films

  5. Ryan Tucker

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I need to get my hands on the Truffaut one.

  6. Cold Drake

    Good ep, I’d love to see a show on HBO dramas and other shows like Mad Men. They’re better and more cinematic than most movies coming out nowadays.

  7. Jerald Jamal Neely

    David Letterman said the only time he was scared, truly scared interviewing a guest was with Oliver Reed. He said the look in Reed’s eyes made him think at any moment he was gonna “turn out the lights”.


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