David Bowie. A topic near and dear to our own Mike Foltz’s heart. Also known as Alladin Sane. Ziggy Stardust. Major Tom. And a damn good actor to boot. Not only that, but Foltzie has his own tale to tell about how he encountered the Thin White Duke in person. A tale more jaw dropping than the films he starred in.

We discuss THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE, THE HUNGER, LABYRINTH and ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. Unfortunately we don’t discuss THE LINGUINI INCIDENT which was… crap. And I was the only one out of the three to have to suffer through that piece of #$$%!! But anyway…

Word of warning: the audio is pretty crappy in this episode (we sound like we’re in a fish tank). A valiant attempt was made to fix things in post. Hopefully it will not effect your viewing experience too much.

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  1. Justin Toner

    Fun episode. Not a big Bowie fan but enjoyed the discussion of his film work. Like Jeff I loved LABYRINTH as a kid, still enjoy it. I thought Bowie was awesome in it and loved the songs. Can still sing parts of them. Seeing the clip of Mike on stage with Bowie was a hoot.

  2. Andrew Round

    another 10/10 episode. going to have to watch the hunger this weekend now.

  3. Ray L

    Great “out of the box” topic.
    Agree that the audio was terrible. But it shows you that, despite the audio, you guys are worth listening to.

  4. Lee

    What about The Prestige, and, let’s not forget his cameo in Bandslam…or, maybe we should lol!

  5. Lee

    What about The Prestige? And let’s not forget his cameo in Bandslam…or, maybe we should lol!


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