Let me take you back a bit to when I was a wee lad sitting in my parents basement on a Saturday afternoon. That was my TV time: Saturday morning cartoon after cartoon was just a build up to what I really wanted to see: a horror movie show then known as “Chiller Theater.” It can be argued that this is what made me the movie fan I am today and horror flicks were my gateway drug.

As much of the horror fan as I was then, nothing in my mind compared to Hammer Films. To me they were the benchmark.  Quality sets, lurid color, English accents… all aspects and more helped to amp the creep factor to eleven. I was so enamored with these movies, I knew who Peter Cushing was before he played the Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars. For a lot of my friends during that time in the late 70s, their hero was Johnny Bench. For me it was Christopher Lee.

It is with this heartfelt introduction I am pleased to present our episode on SELECTED HAMMER HORROR. We only discuss four films but they’re all pretty darn good: FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, SCREAM OF FEAR, CAPTAIN KRONOS – VAMPIRE HUNTER and QUATERMASS AND THE PIT. We had a great time shooting this in my apartment in Brooklyn. Not only did I get to drink a Manhattan left over from our CLASSIC NOIR show, I almost burnt my apartment down from the lit candles set up all over the place. That’s the kind of commitment you can expect from The CineFiles. And we accept your gratitude.

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  1. Andrew Round

    great episode. thought i’d seen everything hammer had to offer (they were always late night fodder here in the uk) but there are a couple there i hadn’t. quatermass and the pit is one of those films that makes me happy when other people enjoy it. a real overlooked gem.

    • charlie_boy-clown

      If only BBC2 would run those late night double features again, eh?

      • JoeDredd

        I remember watching Hammer movies late at night on BBC2 and being scared shitless. Good times!

  2. CMQ

    Another great episode, love me some Hammer as well. Sucks you guys could only stick with 4 because there are so goddamn many great movies from that studio, even the lesser stuff like The Reptile and The Gorgon are kinda fun in their own way.

  3. Ryan Tucker

    Sorry to sound like a broken record here but….another very good episode. I must now see Quartermass and the Pit….looks like my kind of movie.

  4. TrekBeatTK

    Finally! Surprised it took this long for a Hammer show. Maybe time for a Val Lewton show too?

  5. Fotog

    All favs of mine, ESPECIALLY Pit ( A John Carpenter Fav BTW) and Kronos. God Bless…

  6. Jerald Jamal Neely

    Great show fellas! I plan on checking out all of those films. They all sounded pretty interesting. I haven’t watched much horror over the years, and it’s mainly because I wanna be scared and not just grossed out! Nice to be reminded of the classics I haven’t seen yet. Again, Good show, thanks. Oh but don’t put the “brotha” in the darkest part of the set lol I couldn’t see my man Jeff a good bit of the time.

  7. charlie_boy-clown

    Quatermass and the Pit is one of the few 60’s Hammer’s that still works as a concept, once you get past the stampeding locusts scene! For extremely cheap and quickly produced movies, they look remarkably good today. Other Hammer classics worth revisiting include Curse of the Werewolf, The Devil Rides Out and the original Dracula. I’d also suggest Plague of the Zombies, but many kids nowadays wouldn’t like it after being exposed to the completely different zombies of the modern age.


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