Justic League Flashpoint paradox blu-ray reviewHey if you’ re like me then every time you watched Grant Gustin burst into song on GLEE you thought to yourself – THERE is a guy I wish the CW would cast as an iconic DC Comics character!

No?  Yeah I never once thought that either.  As a matter of fact I think I only saw GLEE once and I spent that whole episode wondering if there was anyone in that school who was just boringly heterosexual and worried about passing Algebra.

Anyway, The CW announced today that Grant Gustin (Who named this kid? Stan Lee?)  is going to be their Barry Allen when the Scarlett Speedster races into Starling City this season on ARROW.

justice leaguejustice league flashpoint paradox blu-ray review by eddie scaritoExecutive Producer Andrew Kreisberg describes him as: “Just an ordinary man who arrives in Starling City to look into a series of robberies that may have a connection to a tragedy in his past.”  No word yet on if that tragedy will be that his heart was broken by the leader of the Gotham City Tap Squad.

DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns joked that while casting the role, they had been looking for a blond actor but ultimately wanted the best actor for the part and/or “someone who looked good in red.”  At least I think it was a joke.  I’m just not sure anymore.

Another plot point of the new FLASH will be that Barry is a Comic Book fan boy obsessed with the Emerald Archer’s crime fighting spree.


I honestly don’t know a lot about Grant Gustin so I checked his Twitter profile in which he describes himself as follows:

“I work hard. I play hard. I’m a singing and dancing homebody and mama’s boy who is on a wild ride that excites and humbles me. Also – I love me some twitter!”

So ahh . . . there you go.

Grant Gustin’s FLASH joins ARROW in the eight episode of Season 2, premiering on October 9th.  If it all goes well expect to see him get his own show quickly thereafter.

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  1. Roberto Suarez

    So will these actors and universe merge with the DC movie universe restarted with with Man of Steel? Only time will tell…


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