Feeling saddened by the recent news over the MAN OF STEEL sequel BATMAN VS SUPERMAN (or is it SUPERMAN VS BATMAN? Or SUPERMAN VS BATMAN VS WONDER WOMAN? Or THE SUPER FRIENDS’ DARK KNIGHT RETURNS)? That we’ll have to wait a while longer to see our precious Batfleck go toe to toe against a Superman who used to be Henry da’ Eight’s best friend? As soul crushing as that prospect might be, The CineFiles’ Jeff Gallashaw has something to tide you over: an epic, two part series on the Batman films.

The first part focuses on the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher years. So get ready to switch half way through the show from your gothic street duds to your neon glowing nipple pasties because, well,  that pretty much sums up the trajectory from Tim Burton’s BATMAN up to Schumacher’s BATMAN AND ROBIN. Frequent guest Andre Joseph joins Jeff yet again. Because, you know… to paraphrase a certain white skinned, lipsticked hoodlum,  Andre is Jeff’s “Number one…. guyyyyyy!”

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  1. Jeff Gallashaw

    Surprised no animation involving the animated run at the beginning of the classic TV series with me and Andre’s faces superimposed over the characters, Plus i know this is probably egocentric, Writing the first comment on a post i am featured in, but i have a huge ego, so there. Either way good job Eric Cohen with the Editing and Credits.

  2. TrekBeatTK

    Batman Returns falls apart for me when it culminates in a bunch of penguins with frickin’ missiles attached to their backs.

    I actually think Batman & Robin is better than Batman Forever (that’s not to say either is GOOD, just one is slightly less horrible.)

    The Adam West movie is actually pretty good once you get past the shark-repellent bat spray and the big spherical bomb.


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