Jeff Gallashaw returns to his video op-ed series with a recollection of favorite coming-of-age movies. Actually, the real topic for discussion is “Kids Movies That Are Not For Children.” However, that title seemed too unwieldy for SEO purposes. So let’s just go with “Coming Of Age” shall we?

Anyway, Jeff takes us to the airy summer streets of Brooklyn while recounting bygone films such as THE 400 BLOWS, HOPE AND GLORY, THE BUTCHER BOY, BOY, MA VIE EN ROSE, TIMES SQUARE, MY GIRL, MY LIFE AS A DOG, ANGELA’S ASHES, CROOKLYN, plus many, many more. Some fairly dark titles in there. So, as you can see, they are films about growing up, but for adults. I think.

So check out Jeff’s thoughts. And respond with your own in the comments section. What are your favorite Kids Movies That– Um, Coming-of-Age movies that went unmentioned in this episode?

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