Mr. Affleck has worn a cowl before.

Mr. Affleck has worn a cowl before.

Warner Bros has announced today that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the recently announced and as yet untitled Batman Vs. Superman movie that will serve as a sequel to MAN OF STEEL and a lead in to a possible JUSTICE LEAGUE franchise.

Affleck has actually played Superman in the past – at least as George Reeves, the actor from the 1950’s Adventures of Superman TV show in the 2006 movie about Reeves death, HOLLYWOODLAND.

Affleck has worn a mask before, in the 2003 version of Marvel’s DAREDEVIL. There were rumors last year that Warner Bros had tried to get Affleck to direct a Justice League film.

The new movie will be directed by Zack Snyder who had the following to say about Affleck donning the cowl:

“Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne, “I can’t wait to work with him.”

July 17, 2015 is when you can plan on seeing… well, whatever they’re planning on calling this thing.

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  1. Memphis Reigns

    Fuck no. Just, fucking mortified at the choice. He’s been doing good lately, liked him in the town, but as batman? Fuck that

      • Memphis Reigns

        But Keaton didn’t have to share the spotlight with superman. Granted Henry cavil isn’t exactly a heavyweight actor like Nicholson, and Keaton did just fine against him, but affleck just doesn’t come across as intimidating and brooding as batman should be. Keaton at least has a dark quality to him.
        But who the fuck I eh? I think affleck is a great director and writer, but just an average actor and it was to my understanding they wanted a ‘veteran-like, battle worn batman’ or something along those lines and josh brolin fits the bill, for me anyway. Who knows, maybe they throw a few scars on affleck a face, ugly him up a bit and I’ll forget about this whole debacle

      • The Infamous Billy The Kidd

        I agree that his portrayal of Batman is going to be the test. I think he can handle the Bruce Wayne end of it just fine, but getting himself over in the Bat-suit, that’s the real question for me.
        And I’m in the same boat as you… not a big Affleck guy (it’s that damn smirk on his face all the time), but I am intrigued to see if he can pull it off. Plus, get all those expectations out of what we heard about an older Batman, Brolin, etc. out of your head. They’ve got something else in mind, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt to try to tell that story rather than coming down on it for not being what we dreamt up.

      • Memphis Reigns

        Oh eventually I’ll have no choice to get over it. Not losing any sleep or anything, but it was like someone throwing cold water on you in a warm shower, it shocks you, you
        Get pissed off at whoever did it for making you cold and disrupting something warm and comfortable you were just starting enjoy again, but in a few seconds it doesn’t really matter because we’re finally gonna see superman and batman on screen together, which was in fathomable just a few years ago

      • Memphis Reigns

        UNfathomable is what I ment. Without fathom. For some reason the edit button doesn’t work on here sometimes. No big deal, just makes me look like I can win a sixth grade spelling bee.

  2. David Rolland

    Just when you thought they couldn’t make a movie worse than Man of Steel…

  3. Mr X

    Maybe i’m in the minority of this one. But i like him. He’s a decent actor / director. He doesn’t automatically pop up as a name that people would have chosen, but i’m okj with this. I kinda liked daredevil as well!

    Either way the movie is bulletproof. If it turns out well.. well that’s a bonus.

    • Rare English Rose

      Daredevil is one of my guilty pleasures! Elektra, though, is a step too far…

      • Mr X

        I think the problem with daredevil is that he doesn’t have the roster of villains as spiderman ( spidey literally has a dozen or so great enemies, which i why i him back with marvel and not sony. Farrells Bullseye was just cheesy. Its hard for a comic book movie to build up a showdown between a super powered being and a businessman ( supes vs lex, dd vs kingpin).

        For what it was DD was good. It would have have been brilliant if they had gone in straight to the born again story line but i think it probably would have been too high concept for non comic book audiences ala watchmen.

      • Rare English Rose

        I didn’t know anything about Daredevil when I saw it and I still really don’t but I thought the leads had chemistry and I enjoyed the romance. Of course they then married and had kids à la Dempsey and Makepeace. I love it when that happens!

      • Mr X

        ha Dempsey and makepeace, that Glynis Barber was hot in her day.. and i loved that theme tune! Daredevil: Born again. trade paper back. a tenner from amazon. a fantastic story. from frank miller. just brilliant.

      • Rare English Rose

        Dempsey and Makepeace have me in a quandary… I’m a huge, HUGE Strictly fan and when ITV said they were doing a ballroom dancing show I was deadset against watching it until…Yes, D & M are going to be on it so now I HAVE to watch but I will stop watching the moment they leave.
        Awww Manchester libraries have a listing for that title but no copies. They do this to me all the time and yet they have Kerry Katona and Katie Price’s books. *rolls eyes*

      • Rare English Rose

        As the Americans would say, you’re one for one lol.

      • CaneTheSutter

        Im jumping in your conversation, sorry!

        I liked daredevil a lot when i watched it on cinemas…not because it was a great movie, but because I saw it (then) as the step to follow for comic book movies. It was a movie that dedicated its whole time to show us the creation of daredevil the hero, because initially he was daredevil the vigilante, and he kept being that until he had the chance to finish the kingpin but decides not to, then it’s when you can say that daredevil is born as a hero.

        Normally superhero movies just get the heroism for granted, and don’t go and show you any evolution of the character…he gets the powers and gets changed and ta da…he’s a hero.

        Daredevil was different, and I liked that (it has a million other flaws tho).

        I also thing that Man of Steel followed that route, and I liked it exactly for that. It’s not the usual superman we know, but the creation of that superman AND that clark kent.

        I add myself to mr. X reccomendation, go read born again, when frank miller was still respectable

    • Sweet Sam I Is

      yes you are the minority…but as such, you have equal protection “before the law”!

      • Mr X

        He has a weird track record, but 5 years ago i wouldn’t have pegged him as an Oscar winning director of a picture. At the very least i’m waiting for the performance before i crap on him as a choice. He’s earned that much
        It’s not as if they named Danny Devito as the Dark Knight.

  4. Man of Stool

    Just so you know, Warner Brothers picked Asslick, because they were afraid he would leave and make his movies somewhere else, after his longtime friend and supporter Jeff Robinov got fired.

  5. melonman

    Howls of geek rage as pathetic, pointless and misguided as usual (IMHO the insults hurled at Man of Steel are retarded, as I thought it was terrific despite flaws). Don’t think Affleck is that bad a choice, and I like the idea of an older Wayne.

  6. Rare English Rose

    Wow, really disappointed and I find myself yearning, that’s YEARNING, for Christian Bale. Urgh.

  7. Sweet Sam I Is

    Here it comes…God knows what we did to deserve this…

    the only I question I have now is whether Batman is gonna wear his tampon on the outside or the inside of his suit.

    Good Lord my faith in humanity has dropped today.

    And Assfleck’s beard belongs on a Japanese woman’s snatch.

  8. Sweet Sam I Is

    So the “logic” of WB here is that Man of Steel didn’t do as well as it could have due to the hiring of a relative unknown as the lead. Thus, the way to remedy that problem, according to the WB execs, is to hire Ben Affleck, Academy-Award winner, Cartman-hand-fucker, and household name/epithet to try to bring the profits back up.

    Fuck that shit. Dat’s sum bullsheeeit.

    What WB fail to realize, however, is that the story, script, directing, and editing sucked.

    Audiences would’ve FLOCKED to see a GOOD Superman film, not the mediocre trash that WB released.

    Fix the other issues, hire Matt Bomer or Jon Hamm, and all our problems are solved.

  9. Sweet Sam I Is

    I wonder whose BRILLIANT idea it was to hire Asscrack as Batman. Fuck that shit. Seriously lame.

  10. CaneTheSutter

    Affleck is a good director.

    But I don’t think he’s a great actor…he’s solid sometimes but I just don’t see him as Wayne.

    And I don’t think the unknown lead was the problem on man of steel, if something Cavill was one of the best things in the movie (sadly Snyder doesn’t seem to like acting that much, he’s more into “emoting”)

    • Mr X

      Maybe just maybe this helps wedge him into making a Justice League Movie. Though orchestrating that and acting in it would be a job for….Superman!

  11. Convoy

    I am not put off by this casting choice. In the past 10 years I think he’s matured as an actor. Put him in touch with Hugh Jackman’s trainer, and let’s wait and see how the shit turns out.
    The thing we need to worry about is that it’s Snyder and Goyer at the helm again.

  12. CaptDan

    I have nothing against Affleck, I do think he’s an odd and quite risky choice though. I am sad that they didn’t go with Jeffery Dean Morgan… And anyone calling for Bale is simply afraid of change.

    • Mr X

      never thought of Jeffery Dean Morgan, solid choice he’d be a great choice as a gruff bats. Solid Actor, but perhaps not high profile enough.

      I keep on looking at the Bats there is pretty stocky Maybe that’s because of his Armour. I wonder If this Afflecks version will be armored up. A possibility perhaps if it’s Batman vs Superman.

  13. James Simms

    hmm. I’m intrigued by this choice. I wasn’t interested in this direction coming off the heels of Man of Steel, but now I’ll have to check it out if for no other reason than seeing Affleck’s Bruce/Bats protrayal.

    I really want this movie to be good.

  14. Steve Thompson

    Ah, haven’t we learned yet that casting choices that we think are “meh” can turn out to be pretty good? IF they get a good script this time around and IF Affleck bulks up a bit, it has the potential to be awesome. I don’t dismiss it out of hand because I didn’t think Ben Affleck did that bad a job as Murdock/Daredevil. I thought the movie sucked but that was due to the writing, not Affleck.


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