WWE Studios has signed a new “Action Six-Pack” picture deal with long time distribution partner Lionsgate. The films, all in the action genre, will serve as jumping off platforms for in-ring workers transitioning from wrestling entertainment to motion pictures. The first in this arrangement, VENDETTA, will star the Big Show, Paul Wight. Helming the project are WWE Studios vets the Soska Twins, Jen & Sylvia (SEE NO EVIL 2, AMERICAN MARY) from writer Justin Shady’s script; telling the tale of a detective who sets himself up to be sent to the prison that holds his wife’s murderer. Principal photography on VENDETTA is scheduled to begin later this summer.

Deadline Hollywood quotes Lionsgate Co-COO and Motion Picture Group President Steve Beeks, regarding the re-newed partnership: “We’re thrilled to join forces with Michael and his WWE team on a series of modestly budgeted action films that extend our longstanding and successful partnership. We have a strong track record in this genre, and we’re delighted to team with the WWE juggernaut to deliver action-packed event films that will resonate with their global fan base and beyond.

soska twins

What speaks volumes here is the choice of directors and the opportunity given to Jen & Sylvia to pilot their first action movie, albeit they are no strangers to machine guns and staging hand to hand combat as can be attested by their self produced debut film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. The Twisted Twins have already built a considerable amount of street cred in the horror community with their major debut, the modern splatterpunk classic AMERICAN MARY, a film that found itself on many top 10 lists in 2013. With an air of positive buzz circulating in regards to SEE NO EVIL 2, it’s no wonder WWE Studios asked them to helm an action-oriented film. This speaks volumes for the work they did on SEE NO EVIL 2 and proves their adaptability, removing them from any stereotypes that could be attached to their fledgling careers. Sylvia Soska, ever enthusiastic about the projects she and her sister work on, had this to say as she broke the news on Facebook and Twitter: “A most sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us to get to this point and to WWE Studios & Lionsgate for believing in us as we tackle a new genre. Thank you for this opportunity and cannot wait to make film fucking badass flick!!” 

The second film in the “Action Six-Pack,” is yet to be identified with shooting scheduled to begin this fall.